Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Triangle Petroleum Corporation (NYSE MKT:TPLM) is a growth-oriented, vertically integrated, independent oil and gas producer.

Triangle Petroleum’s primary business objectives are exploration, development and production of unconventional shale oil and natural gas resources in the Williston Basin, one of the premier U.S. oil basins, located in North Dakota and Montana. Triangle is focused on efficiently developing the multiple stacked, tight-rock zones located within the Bakken Shale and Three Forks formations through our wholly owned subsidiary, Triangle USA Petroleum Corporation (TUSA). Production is facilitated by the use of pad drilling, which increases efficiencies while controlling costs and minimizing environmental impact. We also use advanced completion, collection and production techniques that optimize reservoir production while reducing costs.

We hold leasehold interests in the Williston Basin, the majority of which are located in our core focus area in McKenzie and Williams counties in North Dakota and eastern Roosevelt and Sheridan counties in Montana.

In addition to our core focus area, the “Station Prospect” is a largely contiguous exploration position within a thermally mature area of the Williston Basin in Sheridan and Roosevelt counties in Montana.